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Implantation of a pig’s heart valve.  For documentary of 101 uses for animal parts (other than food).

Elsewhere in the programme, we discovered how they make harp strings from cows intestines, seat covers for Aston Martin luxury cars, and bone china from, well, bones...

A job that gets me around.

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Globetrekker London in 2013.

It’s weird making a travel programme in your home city, but things change so fast here it serves as a useful reminder of all the great things to see.

These days, however, there’s hardly a street or building I haven’t visited at some time on a shoot for something or other!

Dog Borstal - dog training series for BBC 3.  

I did three series, and made a lot of friends.

A few snapshots of previous jobs

I work largely in documentaries, but have done many dramas, commercials and corporate productions over the years.

F.005 | Terence Donovan tribute

One of my greatest influences, Terence Donovan, who I worked with for over ten years in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Documentary on The Great Escape, 2000. Filming at the site of the tunnel, near Sagan in Poland. This gentleman is Wg Cmdr Ken Rees, who was the person at the very end of the tunnel at the time of the escape. His story included that of hearing the machine-gun fire, as the guys were first detected as they came out of the tunnel exit. We had a card from Ken that Christmas, to thank me for the photos I took...

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