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Flying over the Niagara Falls by helicopter, filming for Globetrekker in Eastern Canada.

Doing pieces to camera with a presenter, with doors on both sides open, is - to put it mildly - is “interesting”!

A job that gets me around.

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Film about the history of Stereoscopy - 3D to you and me - for Sky 3D Channel.  

This is probably the first time Dr Brian May has ever actually presented rather than being interviewed, although he did make the occasional visit to “The Sky at Night” with his friend Patrick Moore.

Documentary about the New York Mafia, and I get to meet Henry Hill. The film “Goodfella’s” was based on his story.

We also interviewed Donnie Brasco (Joe Pestone), in these two one-hour documentaries for National Geographic.

The film took us to Sicily too, for a few background stories to the Mafia.

A few snapshots of previous jobs

I work largely in documentaries, but have done many dramas, commercials and corporate productions over the years.

F.005 | Terence Donovan tribute

One of my greatest influences, Terence Donovan, who I worked with for over ten years in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

I did a number of interviews with Sir David Frost, ranging from Wikileaks’ Julian Assange to Quentin Tarantino, various prime ministers and politicians.  

Here we have Sir David with the US Defence Sec Robert Gates in 2010.

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