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Not enough space on your iPhone?  Here’s how to make space, and play your least recently played tracks....

If you have, like many, thousands of tracks in your iTune library, here’s how to organise what you listen to.  Playlists are the most powerful feature of iTunes.

First, Create a New Playlist of all of your favourites, as above in pink.

Then (and this is crucial), create a Smart Playlist, as below in yellow...

The Smart Playlist enables you to set some very powerful features, as follows....  

By applying the settings as shown, only 150 songs will be loaded onto your iPhone, and they will only be the least recently played.

To ensure that only these 150 songs are loaded on to your iPhone, you must also set your iPhone sync as follows:

Pay particular attention to the setting “Selected Playlists”, and of course tick your Playlist as the one you want to sync.

On your iPhone itself, select the Playlist you want to hear, and I choose Repeat Playlist/Shuffle All