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Conflict of allegiance, me and The Who...  As a long-haired heavy rock fan I was still accepted in an audience of short-haired mods.

The Who’s greatest album for me, was “Quadrophenia”.  Living in Brighton soon after its release, this was the theme to life in this seaside town in the seventies.


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Undoubtedly the greatest rock band of all time, the music of Led Zeppelin remains as fresh today as it did in the seventies.

I progressed from Jazz-Rock to ambient and chilled club music, mostly from the Bristol area.  Massive Attack, Portishead and Roni Size set the scene for me.  Now my interests have extended to Faithless, Red Snapper and Chemical Brothers.



I was never actually a fan of Stone Roses, headed by Ian Brown, but took great interest when he went solo in 1998.  His solo album, Unfinished Monkey Business, was extraordinary.  

In association with UNKLE (“Rabbit in the headlights”), he produced the stupendous tracks "Be There" and "Reign".

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