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The funkiest artist since James Brown, Prince Rogers Nelson (Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is simply amazing.

He is a prolific writer and performer, and with now 32 albums to his credit, has hugely influenced the whole music scene both in the States and the UK.  


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By complete contrast to my other music interests, I love Joni Mitchell. As a composer, musician, singer and poet she has got to be one of the most talented on the planet.

I particularly like the evocative line “With heaven full of astronauts” from her song “Same Situation”.

In “Little Green”, she sings “Born with the moon in Cancer, Choose her a name she'll answer too”. This is thought to allude to the child she had adopted when she was in her teens. Kilauren Gibb was reunited with Joni only recently, after 32 years of separation.

Not just a pretty face, Róisín Murphy (and Mark Brydon) have produced some great albums together, as Moloko.

“Things to make an do” is probably their best, but the above “Statues” and Róisín’s solo album “Overpowered” are well worth a listen.



Stevie Nicks is the ultimate rock chick.  An extraordinary voice, that has never been imitated. Quite apart from the influence she had over the years with Fleetwood Mac, she had produced some very fine work as a solo artists - I have them all!

Probably the best introduction to her solo work would be “Bella Donna”.

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