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Got some ideas for iTunes

ITunes is a fabulous program for playing music on a desktop or iPhone, but if you have stacks of music, it can be more than a small device like an iPhone to cope with.

On my iTunes guide (below) I show you how to use the very powerful Smart Playlists, to play only the least recent tracks first, and to limit the number of tracks you load onto your device.

Born in Portsmouth, I lived for my first nineteen years in Southampton.

Via the BBC in 1975, I then worked at Granada TV in Manchester, before taking up freelance location sound work in London from 1983.

Since 1995, I’ve been running online forums in my spare time for members of the Institute of Professional Sound (IPS). Our forums bring together professional sound people from around the world, to discuss issues regarding equipment and working practice in our industry.

Outside of work, my main interests are Photography, Rock Music, Real Ale, Technology and Travel....

My iTunes guide

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Location TV Sound Recordist, a long-standing member of the Institute of Professional Sound, living in North London.